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Teknologkåren works to ensure that the students at LTH gets the best possible experience from their time at LTH. Teknologkåren has 7500 members and a lot of our work with education, business contacts and recreational activities takes place at the 11 Guilds.

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The student union is looking for student representatives in LTH's Academic Appointments Boards. The nomination period ends on monday the 29th of august at 9.30 PM. Since this is an urgent election the student union board might need to appoint a st...

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A Rebellious Nollning is now in full swing at The Student Union and we would like to welcome all new students to the largest and oldest stud

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New operational year, new Sabbatical Officers

Published: ! '07 Jul 10:58' Updated: ! '07 Jul 14:03'

On July 1 The Student Union turned over a new leaf and a new operational year began. This means new Sabbatical Officers, new volonteers, new


Kodcentrum winner of Reftec's great prize

Published: ! '03 Jun 14:24'

Reftec annually awards the prize Reftect's great prize to those who "promoted Swedish technology,  through educational initiatives prom

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Summary from Board meeting 17

Published: ! '27 May 10:40'

On Wednesday, 25/4, the the 17th Board meeting was held! Below is a brief summary of the meeting:At the last meeting, the Board decided to a

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Meeting documents for Board meeting 17

Published: ! '23 May 09:58'

Here are the meeting documents for the 15th Board meeting! Unfortunatly only in Swedish.Sincerely,Oskar HanssonChairman of the Board

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Updated policy for equal treatment

Published: ! '18 May 10:28' Updated: ! '19 May 11:25'

In the middle of Equality Week and Pride Week the Council has adopted a new policy of equal treatment.Policy of equal treatmentSincerely Car

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Plan of Operations for 16/17 has passed

Published: ! '18 May 10:20' Updated: ! '18 May 11:35'

Plan of Operations for 16/17 has passed by the Council and can be found below, though unfortunatly only in Swedish.Plan of Operations 16/17M

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Below you will find summaries from Board meetings 13, 14 and 15:S15        SummaryS14        SummaryS13        SummarySincerelyOskar Hansson

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Information Committee is currently looking for people who are interested in shooting and editing film. The position will mean filming with b

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